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Hanah, 28yrs, Librarian

Hanah sings in a choir, plays several instruments and enjoys an active social life and has been using hearing aids for over 20 years.

“With this latest hearing aid technology I just pick up and answer all my phone calls and talk. Previously, I had to take my hearing aids off when my mobile rang. Now the sound is transmitted directly to them and it’s so much easier.”

“With this new technology I can just get on the phone and immediately be able to hear what is being said. And that’s amazing. It makes things far less stressful. In the past when someone called I’d be worried that I wouldn’t be able to hear them. I would have to ask them to hang on while I took off the hearing aid. It’s so much easier to push a button.”

“Many of my friends use MP3 players and listen to music all the time. Before using the latest technology, I couldn’t do that without taking my aids off and putting on a headset. Now the music is directed straight to my hearing aids, so it’s as if I had a stereo right next to me, but the sound quality is much better.”

“Now I feel just like anyone else walking around listening to music, and it’s so wonderful to be part of that culture.”

Len, 44yrs, Landscape Contractor

“I am a landscape contractor and frequently work on job sites with loud equipment. Over the years I have become very conscious of wearing gear that protects my ears but I wasn’t as careful throughout my career. As a result I had some hearing loss that made it challenging on and off the job.”

“As my hearing loss progressed, I found it increasingly difficult to hold meetings at the job site, especially when there was so much distracting background noise from construction equipment.”

“I’d been having trouble hearing television programs. This was especially the case when women were speaking. I just couldn’t hear their softer voices, even after our move to a new home with high quality surround sound installed. I was disappointed to find that I had problems hearing the TV.”

“With the new technology hearing aids I noticed a difference in my ability to hear sounds I had been missing for years. I was out walking my dog and I could hear the wind rustle in the trees. I could even hear cars approaching without turning around. Now I hear the little everyday sounds people take for granted, like water trickling.”

“My family is relieved that I can now watch and enjoy my television without cranking up the sound.”

“I’m able to join in conversation. The same is true for social gatherings. I don’t just smile and nod and pretend to hear. I’m actually understanding and joining in.”

“I now feel plugged into my family and friends, my workers on the job and the many ‘electronic toys’ that make up my busy, active life. I still can’t believe what I was missing.”

John, 66 yrs, Retired

“I feel more secure now because I hear almost everything that’s being said. I can participate in conversation as soon as it starts, and I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves. My old hearing aids were very noisy when it was windy and I always felt blocked up and uncomfortable when wearing them.”

“This new technology has sound quality that is nice and clear, and I’ve become better at spotting sounds that come from behind. It’s more relaxing to wear this later technology. I have no problem following a conversation – even if there are five or six people talking back and forth.”

“Another noticeable improvement is the wind noise. I play golf a few times a week and I used to have trouble communicating with other players in my group. But now I can hear what they are saying.”

“ I also play billiards, and if I didn’t wear my hearing aids the experience would feel very dull. You need sound to feel in contact with the game. Everything is better with sound!”

Jean, 54yrs,Teacher and Counsellor

“A while ago at my friends’ recommendation, I did have my hearing tested and obtained hearing aids that were fairly comfortable and helped me hear conversation more clearly. However, they didn’t really work with the telephone or my mobile. I counsel parents and discuss private student matters with other teachers and social workers. How can you help solve someone’s problems when you are obviously not able to solve your own?”

“These new hearing aids are terrific. I put them on in the morning and forget about them. With my earlier ones, I was always playing with them, fussing because I was very conscious I had them on. I wear them for long periods of time because they are so comfortable. Things just seem sharper and clearer. Conversations are easier and I’m beginning to enjoy the socialising that I missed!”

“I also realised how loudly I was speaking. Now I speak in a more normal range and people aren’t always telling me that I’m yelling at them. When I’m wearing my new hearing aids, the sound is very pure and natural.”

“The biggest change that I’ve experienced since I started using the latest technology hearing aids, is my attitude about my hearing loss. I have a hearing loss and if I don’t take care of it, I am annoying my fellow workers, my friends and family and even myself! If I had known what a difference this latest technology could make in my life, I wouldn’t have resisted taking care of my hearing for so long. I won’t say they changed my life – but in many ways I’m a different person than I was before I got my latest hearing aids. Before, I was nervous, frustrated and constantly straining to hear, now I am more relaxed and open.”

Neil, 65yrs, Consultant

“My wife triggered it of course. She thought that I was turning up the TV too loud. It was then realised that sooner or later I would need hearing aids. Personally, I think it’s best to get them at the earliest opportunity instead of waiting until turning 80 and then suddenly having to get used to them. When I’m at a party or with a larger group of people, they work perfectly. So now I’m able to keep up with everything.”

“I’ve stopped saying ‘excuse me’ and now I can have a normal conversation, so I don’t have any problems at all. I’m also comfortable wearing these new hearing aids; sometimes I almost walk into the shower with them on, because I’ve forgotten I’m wearing them. But I really notice when I’m not wearing them.”

“In traffic everything has changed. I have better awareness of other vehicles; the sound level is higher now, and whilst this was surprising at first, I’ve become used to it. I’m more comfortable knowing where the sounds are coming from. When I go for my morning run I can hear all the sounds and noises around me, such as birds twittering in the trees. I can also hear the traffic if I have to cross a road.”

“For me, the difference between living with hearing aids and living without them represents a significant improvement in the quality of my life.”


Jill, 60yrs, Teacher

A grandmother working in teaching with an active social life.

“Being able to hear again has given me some wonderful experiences. Even all the quiet and seemingly unimportant sounds are enhanced – such as my kitchen clock and the refrigerator at home. Everything has become easier to hear. When I’m driving my car all the noises outside sound louder – apart from the wind. It’s a huge advantage that windy weather doesn’t cause interference now compared to my old hearing aids.”

“I can only say that since I got my hearing aids I feel much more like a normal-hearing person. I don’t get any headaches and I’m really enjoying the fact that I can hear everything again. Just like I used to when I had normal hearing.”

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