Hearing Technology has developed at a rapid pace, so much so that only about 5% of individuals with a hearing loss cannot be assisted to hear better. About 90% of people with reduced hearing have the loss in both ears, sometimes more so on one side. It is highly beneficial to use two instruments to enhance listening and hearing in cases like this.

Listening with both ears is called ‘binaural’ and is what nature intended. The vast majority of us are born with this ability. Having amplified sound to both ears has definite benefits over just one and includes –

  • Having better understanding in noisy conditions and group situations
  • A much better sound quality overall
  • The sound is more natural or balanced
  • It’s more relaxing to listen this way
  • The user can set sound levels to a lower rating, making it more comfortable
  • Helping to locate the source of a particular sound

Who Pays if I require Hearing Aids?

In lots of cases the Government provides assistance for the cost of hearing aids. Your Audiologist at Lifestyle Audiology will advise you on what your entitlements are and help with the application process.

  • Government Subsidies for Qualifying NZ residents; $511 for one aid; $1022 for two aids. Discuss your entitlements with your Audiologist.
  • Workplace accident or injury causing a hearing loss is covered by ACCIDENT COMPENSATION in many instances.
  • WORK & INCOME can provide assistance to some people who are on income support or other benefits.
  • Military personnel or Veteran Pensioners who damaged their hearing during service are able to obtain funding from Veterans Affairs.
  • Some Health & Medical insurance policies provide assistance for hearing aid fitting.
  • For loss or damage to hearing aids, many Home & Contents policies provide insurance cover.

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Types of Aids

CIC ‘Completely in the Canal’

These are amongst the smallest devices and they hide right in the ear canal and are pretty much invisible.

ITC ‘In the Canal’

Again, still quite small and very discreet this type offers good control functions and can be handled very easily.

ITE ‘In the Ear’

This type is a little more noticeable, fitting into the area of the ear immediately outside the ear canal, providing a wide selection of functions.

BTE ‘Behind the Ear’

This type fits snugly behind the ear and is attached to a custom made earpiece moulded to fit the shape of the outer ear just outside the ear canal. A fine tube runs between the two.

Open Fit BTE ‘Behind the Ear’

The very fine tube running from the unit behind the ear has a speaker at the very end and this is simply located in the open ear canal close to the ear drum. These are very discreet pieces of technology. To see the different types and obtain a complete understanding of their suitability for you, simply call Lifestyle Audiology.

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